CCW Safe, LLC, was founded in 2011 to offer quality legal services to carry concealed license holders. CCW Safe services include legal representation, investigative services and expert witnesses, if needed for administrative actions, or actions that may include the protection of your life, or those you love.  The 3 founders of CCWSafe all have extensive experience in law enforcement investigations, use of force, and criminal and civil investigations and litigation.  Two of the founders, Mike Darter, and Stan Campbell, have both been sued in federal court on incidents stemming from a shooting and use of force during arrest.  Both cases were dismissed, but after a year or more in time of preparation and stress.

And, just as they received full support of their FOP union, and were provided a competent and aggressive legal team to defend them, we at CCW Safe dedicate ourselves to do the same for our members.  We Got Your Back!

CCW Safe will work with CCW Safe Attorneys and Advisors, and qualified defense attorneys local to you.  You will be provided the same legal representation that is offered to police officers and federal agents.  For more on our panel of advisors, click here.

CCW Safe offers three types of unique membership services.  You may have seen other services offering legal protection, but you won’t see any as comprehensive as ours.  All three memberships – Single, Dual and Military/Law Enforcement, offer full legal protection on any administrative, criminal or civil actions against you stemming from a self defense use of force as a concealed carry permit holder.  Our services have no caps or limitations, compared to other services, who have financial caps on representation offered, or are limited to only civil actions. Our services cover you in any state that your permit is honored for no additional cost, and include investigators to thoroughly investigate the incident for your behalf, attorneys who will guide you and represent you through your trial or criminal process if needed, and expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. Lastly, your coverage is good until the entire process is over. Retrial and appeals if necessary. With a strong member base in over 25 states,

we’ve got your back!


Administrative Service:

Administrative action may include the state licensing agency taking action against your concealed carry permit.  If action is present to take away your permit, CCW Safe will represent you in attempt to mediate actions against you.  Upon notification of any action from our members, we will immediately begin working to keep your permit.

Criminal Action:

If criminal action is taken against you, CCW Safe will investigate the incident on your behalf and represent you.  Upon notification of involvement in a self defense incident, CCW Safe will immediately begin with an investigative team thoroughly investigating the incident on your behalf.  CCW Safe attorneys will immediately be in contact with you, and provide quality representation. Lastly, CCW Safe will provide expert witnesses to testify on your behalf if needed.

Civil Action:

If civil action is taken against you, the above steps will already be taken and you will be provided investigators, attorneys and expert witnesses for your behalf.