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Home Defense Plan

The CCW Safe Home Defense Plan was designed to cover you and your family from criminal acts such as Home Invasion, Robbery, Burglary, and other criminal acts against you or your family in your home.  This plan is limited to one household.  The plan covers all family members who are not prohibited from possessing a firearm, and includes access to our 24 hour emergency hotline, attorneys fees, investigators fees, experts, and other expenses associated with defending criminal and civil actions stemming from a self defense incident.   The plan also includes up to $3k for home clean up if needed.  The Home Defense Plan will not cover the following:

  • Force used against other family members
  • Force used against people who are in your house with permission or invite.
  • Any force that is not in self defense
The Home Defense Plan will be an annual membership and coverage is good for one year. The Home Defense Plan is a recurring subscription membership unless you pay by check using the mail in form.
For Dual Members who want family coverage, please click here to visit the new Dual Membership with Family Option.
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