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Backup Guns: “As a concealed carrier, should I carry a backup gun?”

I personally don’t think concealed carriers need to carry a back up gun for self protection. How often do you...


The Aftermath of a Shooting- Part 2: Officer Involved Shooting Protocols

CCW Safe COO and CCW Safe Critical Response Coordinator talk about the protocols that exist for law enforcement when...


Firearms Selection, Ammo Selection, and Trigger Modifications

We had a question to expand a bit on our last video in reference to trigger modifications. We had some other requests...


10 things you should do or consider after a self defense shooting

CCW Safe Founders and staff are all former law enforcement and have been in positions you hope you are never in. They...


The Aftermath of a Shooting Video Series – Part 1

This course talks about some of the things that you may experience if you are involved in a self defense...