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Shawn Vincent

What (Not) to Say After a Self-Defense Shooting

Thanks to cop shows on television, we all know that “you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and...


CCW Safe Podcast – Episode 107: Gary Eastridge

This week Rob and Phil are joined by CCW Safe Critical Response Coordinator Gary Eastridge to discuss post incident...

Shawn Vincent

Preparing for First Responders After a Self-Defense Shooting

When police respond to a self-defense shooting, their initial emphasis is on the “shooting” and not necessarily...


CCW Safe Podcast – Episode 106: Andrew Branca

This week host Rob High is joined by Attorney Andrew Branca from to discuss road rage. They talk...


CCW Safe Podcast – Episode 105: Gun Laws & Training

This week Rob and Phillip discuss some of the current events going on with gun laws across the nation and get into the...

Shawn Vincent

Calling 911 After a Self-Defense Shooting

After a violent confrontation, the first party to call 9-1-1 is often, at least at the very outset, presumed to be the...