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Real Cost

of a


self defense case


Don West- National Trial COunsel

“Not having the financial ability to effectively defend yourself after a self defense lethal use of force, will ruin everyday of the rest of your life.” Don West, National Trial Counsel- CCW Safe

New Course At CCW Safe Academy

"The Real Cost of a Lethal Self Defense Case" is now a course online at the CCW Safe Academy.   The course is free for members, and is available to non members for $59.  

Don West has been a practicing criminal defense attorney for over 36 years.  He is board certified in Florida, and has been certified as a criminal trial expert for over 30 years.  

Don West is the National Trial Counsel for CCW Safe, and assists members who are involved in a lethal self defense case.   In this course, Don looks at the 8 areas of financial responsibility in a lethal self defense case, and breaks down the real cost involved.  CCW Safe covers these costs for members who are involved in a self defense incident.

The costs of a trial can be devastating

CCW Safe protects you and your family from being hurt by a costly trial


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