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CCW Safe Cost Savings Comparison

savings based on experience

The difference in CCW Safe’s services as compared to other similar services is experience. CCW Safe founders have been involved in shootings as police officers, and have investigated self defense shootings. We know the risks associated with defending your life, and the complexities that exist when you make that ultimate decision that will most likely change the rest of your life.

Attorneys Fees

Every self defense shooting will be investigated, and determined if criminal charges will be filed. While you acted in self defense, not every case will be seen through the same lens that you see it. If special interest groups become involved, or there are political influences, a case can become very complex. The first financial aspect will be hiring a qualified attorney to represent you. If you are booked on a Murder charge, which can easily happen following a self defense incident, then a good attorney can easily cost $100,000 to represent you in a pre trial phase. This is even verified through a competitors own attorney in a recent promotional video. With CCW Safe, attorneys in a criminal case or covered with no limits, no caps, and with no out of pocket expense from our members. Other services offer a range of $10k to $125k for attorneys fees in a criminal case. At this first financial hurdle, you can be out of pocket up to $90,000 with other companies. In most cases, your coverage is already exhausted.  Read full article

Bail Bonds

If you are arrested, then your attorney will represent you in a bail hearing. This will be the second major financial hurdle in a criminal case. If you are booked in under a murder or manslaughter charge, then there is a good chance that your bail could be set as high as $500k. The bond fee on that bail is generally 10%, or $50,000. With extended bail bond protection, CCW Safe covers bond fees up to $100,000 on a $1 million bond. With other coverage companies, bond fee coverage can range from $1k to $25k, which could leave you at a minimum of $25,000 out of pocket. On the high end, you could be $49,000 out of pocket, and added to the out of pocket on attorneys fees, you can already be over $100,000 out of pocket. If you’re coverage wasn't exhausted after hiring an attorney, it is now. With CCW Safe, you are still 100% covered with no out of pocket.  Read full article


Investigators are essential to gathering and organizing the massive amount of information that can be involved in a self defense shooting case. Your attorney will rely on much of the investigators findings to defend your case. You've heard the phrase “information is everything, and it couldn’t be more true in defending your freedom. A good investigator can cost up to $25k and in cases where CCW Safe has represented members, we have paid over $40k. Some other coverage companies specifically omit investigators and experts from the coverage. This could be another $25,000 that is covered for CCW Safe members, but won’t be covered elsewhere. With other companies you could be anywhere from $50,0000 to over $150,000 out of pocket at this point. CCW Safe members remain fully covered with no out of pocket.  Read full article

Expert Witnesses

An expert witness is a person who is permitted to testify at a trial because of special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case. Experts can be essential in helping the jury understand that you truly acted in self defense. Experts can include Use of Force experts, Crime Scene experts, Pathologists, Firearms and Toolmark examiners, Blood Splatter experts, and more. Experts will have to review the case prior to trial and will also have to testify in court during trial. Depending on the case, multiple experts might be needed to testify in court, based on their specialized fields. Experts could cost an additional $20k or more for a self defense case. Adding to the growing out of pocket expenses with other companies, you could now be looking at $70,000 to $170,000 in out of pocket expenses. CCW Safe members are again covered 100% for experts with no out of pocket.  Read full article

other Trial Related expenses

During trial there will other related expenses that are necessary for a proper defense.  CCW Safe uses a company called Trial Swat that effectively manages trail exhibits. Jury consultation is often another priority in a self defense case, especially if the case has gained a lot of media attention.  Any jury should consist of reasonable people who will make the best decision based on the evidence, rather than personal opinions. Social Media experts can work with the jury consultation in exposing potential jurors personal beliefs and opinions, and can also be helpful dealing with media bias.  Allocating $10k or more for other trial related expenses would take the out of pocket expense with other companies up to $80,000 on the low end, ranging up to $180,000 on the high end.  CCW Safe members can be assured that these expenses, just like all the other expenses are covered 100% and that they will have no out of pocket expenses.  Read full article

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