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We defend our members against criminal, civil, and administrative actions stemming from a self defense use of force



CCW Safe is the only Self-Defense Coverage provider to successfully defend a member in a murder trial.

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CCW Safe is a company built on experience.  Everyone from the Founders to the employees have served our country and communities in some capacity.  The company itself was founded out of the experience of our co-founder and CEO being sued in federal court following a shooting as a police officer.  A shooting that was ruled justified, and within the lawful commission of his duties as a police officer.    

That experience, which consisted of continual support and legal coverage by the Fraternal Order of Police, led to the creation of such an organization for retired police, military, and citizens who carry concealed and excercise their 2nd Amendment Rights.  This is who we are, and this is what we defend.


In a direct head to head comparison of coverage for a member and spouse, with highest level of coverage, it is clear that the coverage offered by the NRA is not sufficient to adequately cover a criminal trial.  A $400,000 trial would leave Carry Guard members $250,000 out of pocket.  Every shooting will be investigated, and while not all will be criminally prosecuted, this is the first hurdle that the victim will have to overcome as a citizen involved in a self defense incident.  Civil litigation is rare in self defense cases of civilians, especially if no criminal charges are brought against the victim.   So why do most insurance companies cover civil unlimited and have such low caps on criminal?  Because that is where the real cost is, and bottom line profits come before the interests of their members.  

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