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stan campbell- co-founder/ coo ccw safe

“The ability to remain calm is the first and perhaps most important thing to remember, followed by other de-escalating techniques.” Stan Campbell- Co-Founder/ COO CCW Safe

New Course At CCW Safe Academy

"The Art of De-Escalation" is a new course at the CCW Safe Academy, and covers a wide range of topics surrounding the ideas of de-escalating potentially dangerous situations.

This course is taught by Stan Campbell and Mike Darter, both of which have used de-escalating techniques as police officers, and have taught de-escalating techniques to other police officers and recruits.  This course includes nearly 30 minutes of video, plus bonus content and certificate. 

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Mike Darter talks about one of the common problems that can get concealed carriers in trouble, even if they are faced with a potential threat. 

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