For Concealed Carry Permit Holders (CCW, CHL, HCP, HCL, CPL, and HR218-LE): If our members are involved in a use of force incident we provide the best defense attorneys in the U.S., expert witnesses, and investigators specially trained in use of force lawsuits and investigations. No optional memberships, no additional fees.  We are the only company in the nation that defends ANY USE OF FORCE (not just use of firearms) when you are justified in using deadly force.


In today’s environment, it would be foolish to properly prepare to carry a handgun but not properly prepare for the consequences of having to use it. Having access to sound expert advice is a part of gun ownership and will not be optional in the unfortunate event of a violent encounter. After carefully researching the options that are available, and I am convinced that CCWSAFE currently offers the best coverage for the money.- CCW Safe Member James Reeder

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