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Passionate, Dedicated, and Supportive Team

CCW Safe evolved out of a desire to offer the general public the highest caring, full service support for those who acted in self-defense. That is why our entire team goes the extra mile to provide the best service possible to our members while cultivating a company culture that is passionate, energizing, and supportive.

CCW Safe goes above and beyond for not only our members but also our staff. Like a family, we know how impactful the right support can be for keeping life on track.

Kent Brown, CCW Safe President

Employees at work in our main office facility in Oklahoma City.

Our Team Days consist of fun adventures for everyone.

See What Our Employees Have to Say

“I enjoy being able to wake up each morning knowing that I get to go to work with the most cordial colleagues and superiors I have ever worked with before, who are passionate about what they do. Every day I have learned something new from each of them, we really are the definition of a team here at CCW Safe.”

Corinne P.

“I consider CCW Safe a part of my family. The office has a very unique company culture that is made up of great staff.”

Garrett H.

“CCW Safe is more than a place to work, it is truly like a family here.  Everyday I feel great knowing that I get to work with great people and provide an awesome service to our members to help them and their families be safe and protected. I am truly thankful to be a part of the CCW Safe team.”

Keyona T.

“After searching for a while, I am so glad I found a company where I feel supported and empowered to do my best work. I love working for CCW Safe.”

Joseph D.

"Working for CCW Safe makes me feel like a person that matters and not just a person filling a position."

Ruby C.

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Come join our passionate team that is focused on the mission of ensuring the most holistic support for those who have acted in self-defense to protect themselves and their family.

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