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For Cops. By Cops.

CCW Safe’s plans cover you with a self-defense legal services membership. Our highly experienced team of law enforcement and legal experts, provide you with the expert resources, support, and de-escalation techniques you need to ensure you feel safe and prepared when responsibly carrying a firearm. Because in the event of a self-defense incident, you must focus on your family. We'll have your back.

Why You Need a Legal Defense Plan

Most people do not understand the fallout of using a firearm to defend themselves. In addition to the legal costs, there are hidden costs, both financial and emotional, that can affect you even in a clear case of self-defense. With decades of law enforcement and legal experience, we can provide insight into these hidden costs, as well as valuable information on how to address the emotional effects, avoidance, and de-escalation techniques, and much more.

Choose Your Plan

All Plans Cover No Cap On Lawyer Fees, Investigator Fees, and Expert Witness Costs.

All plans cover Pre-trial, grand jury, mistrials, appeals, expungements, crime scene clean-up, and a real response team.

Did my research and this is the best CCW coverage period!!!

Austin P.

CCW Safe is reasonable and worth every penny knowing I'm financially protected.

Barry W.

After looking at the CCW legal protection market and taking over a year to research and compare different companies, I decided that CCW Safe couldn't be beat.

Michael B.

Much better coverage than my last concealed carry membership with a different entity.

Conrad T.

Peace of mind. Knowing someone has got your back if you ever need it.

Eli C.

Great service and very affordable and just knowing I am covered if I ever have to defend myself.

Gordon M.

You all have the greatest customer service. If your customer service is a reflection of the quality of your program, I am going to be very happy!

Jerald L.

Do not carry a weapon with out this. Reliable and cost effective.

Rob T.

Articles always restore confidence in carrying and offers advice on staying safe.

Tommy R.

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values Drive Our Excellent Service


Be Your Own Risk Manager

With Tips on Avoidance and De-Esclation

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Frequently Asked Questions

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