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CCW Safe protects your rights when you protect yourself and your family. We’re the only company in the industry that has defended a member in a complete self-defense murder 1 trial – so we know the stakes firsthand.

Will your family be safe if you go to jail for defending your life against an attacker? Can you afford a top-notch lawyer, bail that can be hundreds or thousands of dollars, and the loss of your income while you await a trial verdict?

Take a look at the member benefits and services CCW Safe can provide for you and your family. Then decide what’s the best way to protect your life, your family’s lives and your way of life.

All services are rendered in compliance with state law of occurrence.

Legal Protection

  • No out-of-pocket expenses, so you won’t receive any bills from the court or attorneys
  • 100% of criminal defense funds are covered up front, with no cap on criminal and civil defense funds
  • Bail bonds and funds are immediately available
  • Standard $500,000 bond coverage with Permit Plans and up to $50,000 Bail Fee with available upgrades
  • Civil damage coverage up to $1 million for Primary Member under Ultimate Plan
  • Vacation home, RV, hotel and motel coverage is the same as home coverage

What's Covered

  • Official law agency interview
  • All lawyer fees, including pre-trial, grand jury, and trial
  • Grand jury proceedings
  • Appeals covered at no additional cost
  • Mistrials and retrials covered at no additional cost
  • Up to $250 per day in wage losses while you’re in criminal and civil trial – Upgrade to Ultimate Plan for $350 per day wage-loss coverage
  • Court reporter fees
  • Videographer fees
  • Real-time jury consultants
  • Social media management consultant
  • Medical experts
  • Bail bond coordination on behalf of plan member
  • Spouse and children under 18 in your home are covered for free for self-defense cases involving home invasions
  • Spouse and children under 18 in your home are covered for up to $250,000 bond at no additional fee
  • Juveniles under the age of 18 are covered for home invasion cases at no additional cost
  • Active law enforcement members are covered for off-duty incidents – this coverage is not available in New Jersey or Washington state
  • All legal weapons are covered in 47 states and Washington DC. – exclusions are New Jersey, New York and Washington state
  • All states where you can legally possess a firearm without a permit are covered
  • “Red Flag” laws are covered for $10,000 under the Ultimate Plan
  • “Red Flag” laws are covered for up to $5,000 under all permit plans (Defender, Protector, HR218 and all LE plans).
  • All non-permit plans are covered for $250,000 bond with add-on options to increase that amount to $1 million bond
  • Use of physical force in defense of life
  • Use of force for third party in defense of life
  • Use of force to defend life threatening attack in vehicle is covered where your permit is valid
  • All states that honor CCW permits through reciprocity are covered*
  • Up to $3,000 for crime scene clean-up in your home – Upgrade to Ultimate Plan for crime-scene clean-up in your vehicle
  • Vicious animal attacks in defense of human life
  • Firearm replacement equal to caliber during trial
  • Action against permit by state following use of force
  • Criminal record expungement is covered for all plans
  • Provisional terms for spouses waiting on terms of service (see terms of service for details)
  • Provisional terms for primary member waiting on permit to arrive (See terms of service for details)

Support Services

  • 24/7/365 Call Center with immediate attorney connection for emergencies
  • Critical Response Coordinators are former Homicide Detectives and Investigators for District Attorney offices
  • We hire network and non-network local attorneys that are chosen by you and your CCW Safe Legal Team
  • Your team creates evidence and demonstrative exhibits for use during trial
  • We supply evidence and display in-trial preparation before and throughout the trial proceedings
  • On-site Critical Response Team for deadly force cases
  • Attorneys are hired by National Trial Counsel that is experienced in murder and self-defense cases
  • Peer support on-site and over the phone from the time of the incident until the end of your trial
  • Expert witness coordination by CCW Safe associates
  • Access to legal and training advisory boards
  • Psychological support with up to 10 sessions of counseling – Upgrade to Ultimate Plan for up to 40 sessions
  • Customer Care Specialists with law enforcement experience
  • Personal security in the event that it’s needed, including crowd control management at your home or business if required
  • Public Information Representative to handle news, media and press releases
  • Mock cross-examination preparation services for the member if testifying is necessary
  • Temporary housing and relocation services in high-impact public cases as needed

We put NO CAPS on

  • Criminal trial defense costs
  • Civil trial defense costs
  • Administrative defense costs
  • Expert witness costs and expenses
  • Appeals
  • Court Reporter
  • Criminal record expungement
  • Expert Witness
  • Grand Jury Proceedings
  • Jury Consultant
  • Medical Research
  • Mistrials
  • Private Investigator
  • Retrials
  • Social Media Management
  • Trial Exhibit Creation
  • Videographer

Plan Options

  • Constitutional Carry Plan available for states that don’t require permits
  • Home Defense Plan options available – but not available in New Jersey, New York or Washington state
  • CCW Safe metal membership card is available for all plans at an additional fee
  • Challenge Coin with emergency number is available for HR218 and Ultimate Plans

Ultimate Plan Advantages

  • Reward perks
  • Options for firearm theft coverage for the Primary CCW gun only
  • Bail Bond coverage up to $1 million
  • $10,000 Special Coverage for “Red Flag Law” hearings

Law Enforcement & Military Benefits

  • Retired Law Enforcement discount plans are available through LEOSA/HR218
  • Retired and Active Duty Military discount plans are available with CCW Permit

Educational Resources

  • All members receive our Newsletter and social media engagement to stay up to date on regulation changes and pertinent news items
  • All members have access to on-site and online education and training resources
  • Digital and plastic membership cards are available to carry in your wallet for help when you need it

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