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George Alan Kelly: Denying the Prairie Justice Impulse

George Alan Kelly has been charged with murder and is accused of taking the law into his own hands during a deadly...

Shawn Vincent

George Alan Kelly: Conflicting Statements Can Lead to Convictions

After firing his AK-47 at a band of armed trespassers on his expansive Arizona ranch on the Mexican border, George Alan...

Shawn Vincent

George Alan Kelly: A Warning About Warning Shots

George Alan Kelly Faces murder charges for firing warning shots at a band of armed men who trespassed on his...


In Self-Defense Podcast 114: The George Alan Kelly Case

Don West and Steve Moses join Shawn Vincent to discuss the case of an Arizona rancher accused of murdering a migrant...

Shawn Vincent

Dean Cummings: The Rifle Defense Paradox

Dean Cummings didn’t intend to use a long gun as a self-defense weapon, but when Guillermo Arriola attacked him,...

Shawn Vincent

Always Be The Defender

Legendary lawman and use of force instructor Chuck Haggard says “the goal of self-defense is to break contact” with...