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Tyler Grey

Tyler On Training: Prepare To Be Unprepared

The one thing that people need to realize is that it will be highly unlikely that you are prepared for a terrorist...

Shawn Vincent

A Fine Line Between Self-Defense and Murder

If you're ever in a position where you're tempted to stand your ground --even if you are legally allowed to do so --...

Shawn Vincent

Did Florida, the birthplace of “Stand-your-ground,” just make the controversial law friendlier to Accused Shooters?

Florida lawmakers passed a bill that would put a tougher burden of proof on prosecutors during pretrial immunity...

Shawn Vincent

Social Media Recommendations Following Self Defense Incident

If you've been involved in a self-defense shooting, your social media presence may quickly become subject of intense...

Tyler Grey

Terror Attacks in the UK — What Lessons Can Be Learned?

The incident on Saturday (June 3rd, 2017) marked Three Major Terrorist Attacks in the UK in as many...

Tyler Grey

Tyler on Training: Tunnel Vision

Today Tyler talks about Tunnel Vision and it's affect on the body during a critical stress...