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Case Analysis

Legal Case Analysis: The Zimmerman Case- Escalation

We’ve established that Zimmerman had a legal right to be in the dark walkway between two blocks of townhomes in his...


Concealed Carry Permit Holder Coverage Plans

Check out three CCW Safe weapon liability legal services membership plans, for holders of Concealed Carry Permits, with...

Case Analysis

Legal Case Analysis: The Zimmerman Case- Location

In every self-defense scenario, the location of the shooting is eminently important and can have a significant bearing...

Alexandria Kincaid

Stand Your Ground & Castle Doctrine Laws: Pushing for Better Protection

Do you think the Second Amendment protects your right to “keep and bear arms” outside your own home? Earlier in...

Case Analysis

Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Case

Here we present the facts, prior to later legal analysis, of the Trayvon Martin self-defense case, which has...


New Plans Coming Soon!

New Plans coming soon to CCW Safe. Existing members will be locked in and keep their current plans as long as they...