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Lessons Learned: The Case Analysis of The Zimmerman Case.

We just finished the first case study of the Zimmerman criminal trial, and will be looking at these self defense case...


Assessment, Mental Acuity and Reaction Time Drill

Drills that focus on assessment, mental acuity and reaction time, make us better shooters and these drills are very...

Case Analysis

Legal Case Analysis: The Zimmerman Case- Media Coverage and Political Pressure

At its heart, the Zimmerman case was not a complicated legal matter. Given the circumstances, and considering...


New Academy Course Available- Aftermath of a Shooting

What should you expect if you are involved in a self defense shooting? From those who have been there, and later sued...

Case Analysis

Legal Case Analysis: The Zimmerman Case- Post Incident Actions

Police arrived moments after George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman immediately surrendered his weapon,...


Holiday Tips for Concealed Carriers

Holiday shopping safety tips for concealed...