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Author: Andrew Branca

In Self Defense

Andrew Branca: Chauvin Trial Day 11 Wrap-Up

CCW Safe has partnered with Attorney Andrew Branca to bring his daily coverage of the Chauvin Trial. We pick up with...


When Prosecutors Run You Out of Money

Today’s post is prompted by news reports of a second-degree murder trial that just ended in a mistrial in Minnesota....


Texas Law – Deadly Force Defense of Property

Self-defense law expert Andrew Branca discusses the risks and technicalities involved in invoking Texas's law allowing...


Go to the Gun, Over a Ring-and-Run?

Today’s post is prompted by a news story out of the Nashville area in which an off-duty member of Nashville EMT,...


CCW Holder’s Ultimate Sacrifice: Was It Worth It?

While I was teaching Law of Self Defense classes recently in Florida, a Chicago CCW holder, Derrick Gholston, was...