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Author: Justin Collett


CCW Safe Podcast – Episode 110: Todd Fossey

Hosts Rob High and Phillip Naman are joined by Todd Fossey of Integrative Defensive Strategies to discuss firearms and...

Don West, In Self Defense, Podcast, Shawn Vincent

In Self-Defense Podcast 110: Karl Rehn Pt. 1

Karl Rehn, the founder of KR Training, joins Don, Steve, and Shawn to talk about the need for training beyond the...

Shawn Vincent

The Legal Justification for the Use of Deadly Force

BY: SHAWN VINCENT The legal justification for the use of deadly force in self-defense is both deceptively simple and...



By: Steve Moses I recently attended a block of instruction taught by well-known attorney Andrew Branca at the 2022...

Don West, Podcast

Don West interviewed on the Bulletproof Workshop

Jeff Gonzales, host of the Bulletproof Workshop and President of Trident Concept, sat down with CCW Safe’s own...

Don West, In Self Defense, Podcast, Shawn Vincent, Training

In Self-Defense Podcast 109: What Does “Reasonable Belief” Mean, Anyway?

Don West, Steve Moses, and Shawn Vincent wade into some of the legal and tactical ambiguities of dealing with a...