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Author: Justin Collett

Shawn Vincent

Craig Douglas On Defensive Display

“I have no idea how many people I’ve pointed guns at in my law enforcement career that I didn’t fire on,” Craig...


CCW Safe Podcast – Episode 99: Paul Sharp

CCW Safe Use of Force Expert Rob High and Firing Line Radio host Phillip Naman are joined by Paul Sharp to discuss...


Twelve Reasons for Negligent Discharges

CCW Safe National Trial Counsel Don West suggested to me that I write on article on the reasons that Negligent...

Shawn Vincent

Projecting Confidence in a Self-Defense Encounter

Craig Douglas served in law enforcement for 21 years, with 11 years in narcotics and two spent as an undercover...


CCW Safe Podcast – Episode 98: JJ Racaza

CCW Safe Use of Force Expert Rob High is joined by World Champion Shooter JJ Racaza. They talk about JJ’s...



I recently saw a post on Facebook where several firearm instructors debated the value of very fast splits (the time...