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Author: Shawn Vincent

In Self Defense

In the Wake of a Self-Defense Shooting Part I

Shawn Vincent looks at why the actions you take in the seconds and minutes following a self-defense shooting can have...

In Self Defense

No Typical Self-Defense Prosecution

Shawn Vincent looks at why there is no real "typical" self-defense prosecution. Each case depends on a multitude of...

In Self Defense

What is “Great Bodily Injury”

Shawn Vincent is joined by CCW Safe National Trial Counsel Don West and Firearms Trainer Tatiana Whitlock to look at...

In Self Defense

Defensive Display In Defense of Another

Shawn Vincent looks at a case in Redding, California where an unidentified good Samaritan thwarted a violent kidnapping...

Home Defense

In Self Defense – Episode 89: Post Incident Actions Part 1: Get Safe and Call 911

Don West and Shawn Vincent explore CCW Safe’s list of 10 things to do after a self-defense shooting, drawing upon...

In Self Defense

In Defense of Another

Shawn Vincent looks at some things to consider when acting in defense of another...