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Category: Shawn Vincent

Shawn Vincent

A Well-Placed Word Is As Good As A Well-Placed Shot

“I know the potency and power of a well-placed word,” says Craig Douglas, “and it’s as potent and powerful as a...

Shawn Vincent

Between a Harsh Word and a Bullet

If a knife-wielding assailant threatens to kill you from across a parking lot, he may have the ability and intent to...

Shawn Vincent

The Curtis Reeves Case: De-Escalate by Walking Away

It can be difficult to know when a verbal confrontation with a stranger might erupt into physical violence. When Curtis...

Shawn Vincent

The Curtis Reeves Trial: The Fine Line Between Self-Defense and Murder

Curtis Reeves shot and killed Chad Oulson in a darkened movie theater on January 13, 2014. An argument erupted after...

Shawn Vincent

Threat Assessment of “Unarmed” Assailants

Here is some good news for concealed carriers: armed defenders who use deadly force against gun-wielding attackers are...

Shawn Vincent

The Duty to Preclude

Claude Werner's study of home defense reveals that smaller caliber pistols can be surprisingly effective and that the...