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Category: Training


Core Elements of Deadly Force: Ability

This series addresses the difference between being a willing participant and reluctant participant to a confrontation,...


The Three Basic Elements of Deadly Force

Exploring the three basic elements of deadly force, including ability, opportunity and intent, and why you should study...


Is Your Practice Relevant?

For the majority of law-abiding citizens who do not let their egos dictate their actions and are not prone to making...


Flunking The Victim Selection Test

Many theories exist as to whether the cause is inherent nature, the lack of nurture during the formative years, or a...


Weapon Mounted Lights

This week, Ernest Langdon, from Langdon Tactical, talks about having a secondary light source if you carry a firearm...


How to Develop a Personal Defense System

A discussion with former U.S. Marine and firearms expert Ernest Langdon about how to develop a personal defense system...