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Shawn Vincent

Initial Aggressors and Provocateurs

It’s tough to claim self-defense if you’re the one who started the fight. The core legal principle behind the...


CCW Safe Podcast Episode 121: Annette Evans

Host Rob High interviews Annette Evans who is an Attorney, 2A Advocate and founder of the On Her Own website. Annette...


CCW Safe Podcast Episode 120: Craig Douglas

Hosts Rob High and Phillip Naman are joined by Craig Douglas to discuss various aspects of self defense training. Craig...


CCW Safe Podcast Episode 119: TacCon 2023

Hosts Rob High and Phillip Naman discuss Rob’s trip to the 2023 Rangemaster TacCon. Rob presented a block of...

In Self Defense, Podcast

In Self-Defense Podcast 113: The Dean Cummings Case Pt.2

Don West, Steve Moses, and Shawn Vincent talk about the power of the defendant’s testimony in the Dean Cummings case,...


Jeff Gonzales Concealed Carry Manual: The Draw Stroke

CCW Safe is proud to present a video series with Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts covering some of the topics in his...