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for members of the NYPD 10-13 Association.

The CCW Safe NY State 10-13 Protector Plus plan is specifically designed for members of the NYPD 10-13 Association and covers any criminal, civil or administrative legal action stemming from a self-defense incident occurring while OFF-DUTY. Security jobs are not covered under this plan.

10-13 Plus

$335 /Year


  • $50 /yr
  • $100 /yr
  • $50 /yr
  • $220 /yr

About the CCW Safe 10-13 Plus Plan


$335.00/Annually or $31.00/Monthly (this is actually covered in the plan card at this stage.)

No additional discount codes shall be applied to this special price plan and annual payments only.


The Primary member must be a current member of the NYPD 10-13 Association.

The Primary member must either carry under HR218 for Law Enforcement members or have a concealed carry permit. LEOSA annual status and All permits must remain valid. You will need to submit proof to verify eligibility for this plan.


The CCW Safe 10-13 Plus plan covers any criminal, civil or administrative legal action stemming from a self-defense incident occurring while OFF-DUTY. Security or other secondary jobs are not protected under this plan.

A self-defense incident is any incident where force is used pursuant to a reasonable belief that use of deadly force is necessary to protect from imminent danger of death or great bodily harm. This includes any necessary force with ALL legal weapons and physical force to defend against a life-threatening attack in self-defense.

The 10-13 Plus plan is an annual membership with coverage for one year.
This is a recurring subscription membership, with only the option to pay yearly.
Members do not receive physical membership cards or packets; however, membership status can be printed and or immediately downloaded digitally to smartphones upon plan purchase.

This plan is non-transferrable.


The Primary member will be covered to the level of a $500K bond for all legal use of force responses to life-threatening attacks at their residence, inside their vehicle, any place where it is legal to carry concealed firearm or legal to carry open without a license in public (including locations applicable under HR218 or where permits are honored), or on-premises where possession of a firearm is not illegal or prohibited by the property owner where it carries no unlawful charge after leaving when being asked.


  • Access to our 24-hour Emergency Hotline
  • Onsite response by Critical Response Team
  • Vetting of attorneys by National Trial Counsel
  • No cap on attorney fees (covered upfront)
  • No cap on investigation fees (covered upfront)
  • No cap on expert witness fees (covered upfront)
  • All Criminal and Civil trial costs (covered upfront)
  • Civil Trial Costs Covered Even if Found Guilty in a Criminal Trial
  • Firearm Replacement if Applicable (See Terms)
  • Up to $250/day loss-of-wages during criminal or civil trial
  • Up to 10 Licensed Professional Counseling Sessions (or up to $4,000)
  • Crime-scene cleanup, only if needed, in-home up to $3K
  • Appeals and expungement coverage of costs
  • Civil Damage coverage up to $1 million for the Primary member ONLY.
  • Digital Membership Cards that can be printed or downloaded to digital wallets.

RESTRICTIONS (The following are NOT covered)

  • Use of force against other family members including domestic relationships
  • Use of force against people who are in a member’s residence with permission or by invitation, excluding servicemen, delivery, contractors, etc…
  • Any force that is not in self-defense
  • Accidental discharge incidents
  • Children 18 years or older 
  • Use of force related to a criminal act (e.g. felonies such as robbery, burglary, assault, etc.)
  • Use of force while under the influence of judgment-altering substances (e.g. alcohol, controlled substances, or prescribed medication, etc.)
  • Additional restrictions are listed in Terms of Service


Emergency Hotline calls are answered by a live agent 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Callers are immediately connected to an attorney, ensuring that the member has access to instantaneous legal support.

Access to online content including instructional and educational videos: members are provided access to up-to-date weekly content directly applicable to concealed carry. CCW Safe publishes two free e-newsletters per week, available to members only, who have opted-in to receive them.


The Buyer acknowledges that they are not a prohibited person and a member or retired member of New York State Law Enforcement. If found that they are a prohibited person and it is against any state or federal law for them to possess a firearm, then their membership is forfeited and will not be refunded. If found that they are not a qualified law enforcement officer in the state of New York then their subscription shall be changed to the appropriate non-discounted plan and the price difference shall be charged accordingly.

CCW Safe encourages all prospective members to review our Terms of Service.

CCW Safe appreciates the need for protection of all citizens practicing their legal right to self-defense guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

CCW Safe is a “Legal Service Subscription Plan” that strives to protect and serve the best interests of our members before, during, and after any “Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incident”.

CCW Safe is designed to indemnify the expenses arising from a covered incident, regardless of the final trial outcome.

With 100% upfront costs coverage provided pursuant to the contracted plan, there are no out-of-pocket expenses for our members.

CCW Safe Plans are not reimbursement packages, and no repayment to our company by the member is owed, despite how any legal action is settled.

Coverage, services and resources are reserved for active members only and will automatically terminate upon cancellation or non-renewal of the covered member’s membership with ccw safe or, the failure to maintain such membership in good standing.No incident shall be covered which occurred prior to active membership or if a payment is purposely missed before an incident is reported. During the time an active case is being worked the member must continue to maintain renewal payments until there is no further need for resources and CCW Safe has resolved the incident.

Membership plan annual fees are the sole financial responsibility of each member. By these means, our company strives to protect and serve the best interests of our members should they be faced with a “Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incident.”

We do not send out plastic membership cards or information packets for this plan.

Remember CCW Safe is a Legal Service Plan and not an insurance company. CCW safe is the insured and members are Beneficiaries. No policies are sold in the member’s name in association with plans that have civil liability coverage benefits.