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Posted on August 29, 2017 by in Testimonials

In Self Defense: The Maddox Case- Response

CCW Safe National Trial Counsel, Don West, explains the response member Steven Maddox received after finding himself forced to use self defense. Don relays how the CCW Safe team evaluated the case and put a self defense plan into motion. CCW Safe hired the best attorneys in the jurisdiction, arranged bail for Steven’s release, investigators, and forensics experts to put on an aggressive self defense resulting in a not guilty jury verdict.  

A case such as this can get expensive fast, but the expense is absolutely necessary to adequately defend it.  Bail on a manslaughter or murder charge will most likely be set at $500k, which relates to $50k at the typical 10% fee.  Add on the attorneys retainer of $100k and you have already exceeded most, if not all, of other plans available.  However, this is just the beginning, and there will be more costs on the road to a not guilty charge.  Investigators totaled over $50k, expert witnesses totaled over $20k, and jury consultants and exhibits totaled over $20k.  This doesn’t include any other fees, such as depositions, documents, additional forensic testing, and additional attorneys fees for trial.  CCW Safe is the only company that covers all these fees 100%. In fact, Stephen never received one invoice or bill during the trial.  

Stephen stated that “without CCW Safe’s help and resources, he would most likely be bankrupt or in jail, but most likely both.”