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Posted on September 3, 2018 by in Uncategorized

The Stephen Maddox Story- Commitment

Just over a year ago, CCW Safe provided the defense of member Stephen Maddox in the industry first, full trial of a self defense Murder I case.  Stephen was found not guilty, and was able to walk out of the front doors of that courthouse.  One of the core values of CCW Safe is commitment, and it was seen through the course of the trial in the coverage and resources provided by CCW Safe. 

CCW Safe was commited to providing the best service for Stephen and his family, and it was immediately seen through the critical response team.  Within the first 24 hours, CCW Safe had boots on the ground with our critical response team coordinator. While he was busy working with Stephen’s family, to make sure they understood the process of what Stephen would be going through, the National Trial Counsel, Don West, had already secured 2 local attorneys  to represent Stephen.   The attorneys were experienced in self defense criminal cases, and met with Stephen that Sunday, not even 24 hours after the event.  

From the first financial commitment of getting Stephen out of jail on a $500,000 bail, followed by hiring the attorneys at an initial rate of $100.000, to the ending cost of over $350,000, CCW Safe was committed in giving Stephen the needed resources to fight for his freedom.  

Over a 2 year period, there was more than just financial support.  There was emotional and mental support through our critical support staff.   These are individuals who have been through shootings as police officers, and are familiar with the process surrounding emotional and mental support.   There was support for his family, in reference to understanding the process of the criminal justice system, and even during the trial, security for Stephen and his family. 

CCW Safe members can rest assured that while we hope that you never need our services, if you are forced to use deadly force in self defense, we will be there, and we will be commited.