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Terms of Service

CCW Safe strives to protect and serve the best interests of our members before, during, and after any Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incident. CCW Safe is eager to welcome you to its membership community, and for the opportunity to provide you the services outlined in this Terms of Service Agreement. You (also referred to as “Buyer” and/or “Member”) will be eligible for member services and benefits, according to your selected level of service, upon meeting the membership terms and requirements described below:

1. Member Requirements: In accordance with your selected level of service, Buyer must have a valid state concealed weapon permit issued in Buyer’s name to be eligible for any services offered by CCW Safe. It is Buyer’s exclusive responsibility to review and understand applicable laws and regulations on where and how Buyer can legally possess and/or use a firearm. Buyer must agree to these terms of service, remit payment for a selected level of service, and provide a complete and accurate application before Buyer may become a CCW Safe member. Buyer must maintain the accuracy of the application by supplementing or updating the information contained in the application by disclosing, through electronic mail to CCW Safe, any information materially related to the information requested in the application, for as long as Buyer is a CCW Safe member. Any misrepresentations, omissions, or other inaccuracies of any kind in the information disclosed to CCW Safe through the application process, including, but not limited to, information regarding the existence or status of Buyer’s state concealed weapon permit, may result in termination or forfeiture of membership. Buyer’s application must be approved by CCW Safe before Buyer may become a CCW Safe member.

Note: If choosing to pay monthly, member acknowledges that the stated amount will be processed as a credit card transaction each month. In the event of a declined transaction, if it is not remedied within 48 hours and payment received by CCW Safe, the membership is voided and cancelled. In the event that a member wishes to cancel their membership and cease monthly payments, then notice to CCW Safe must be by phone call to the non emergency customer support line. There will be a 30 day notice provision. This means that if you cancel your membership on March 30th, it will not be effective until April 30th. Any payments processed during this 30 day notice period are NOT subject to refund. 

  1. 2. Member Services: In accordance with your selected level of service, if you hold a valid concealed weapon permit (or are qualified for a Provisional Membership Term), and are in legal possession of your firearm or other weapon during a Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incident, CCW Safe will pay all the reasonable costs to defend you against criminal charges, including pre-indictment investigation, civil suits, and administrative claims against your permit. This includes attorney’s fees for an experienced criminal defense lawyer, or civil lawyer as necessary, costs of investigation, expert witness fees, and other reasonable and necessary litigation expenses. CCW Safe membership also includes the costs of an appeal or a retrial. There is no fixed limit on the attorney’s fees or litigation costs. Membership includes a work loss coverage of up to $250 per day the Member is in trial.

    Membership includes peer support by a former law enforcement officer who has been involved in shootings.

    Membership includes up to 10 counseling sessions with licensed counselors at a rate of up to $150 per session.

    Membership includes a firearm replacement, where lawful, for the Member until their firearm is returned.

    Membership includes bail bond coverage up to $250,000, or up to $1,000,000 depending on your selected level of service. CCW Safe will select a bondsman and make arrangements for obtaining the bond. CCW Safe will pay the bond premium for its members, which is typically 10% of the bond. CCW Safe does not put up the collateral for the bond, as this is the responsibility of the member to coordinate through the bondsmen. CCW Safe will facilitate acquisition of the bail bond and pay the premium, but not more than 10% of the listed bond. An example would be if the member received a $100,000 bond, CCW Safe would pay the $10,000 premium. The rest of that bond is secured by collateral of the member, if needed.

    Representation, under the selected level of service, shall relate to representation in a legal matter stemming from a Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incident, pursuant to a duly-licensed and in good standing concealed carry weapon permit, for the time period associated with your membership term, which commences upon approval of your application by CCW Safe and continues for one year from the date of approval of your application. Representation includes securing legal services and investigative services from CCW Safe network law firms and professional firms affiliated with or retained by network law firms. Buyer acknowledges that CCW Safe does not provide legal advice, and Buyer acknowledges that no attorney-client relationship is created between Buyer and CCW Safe upon remitting membership payment for a selected level of service or acknowledgment of these terms of service by Buyer.

    Buyer acknowledges that this is not an insurance product. Buyer understands that this is a services agreement, therefore, any monetary judgments or fines rendered against a member is the responsibility of the member. Although, CCW Safe will obtain and pay all legal services related to a Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incident, Buyer expressly and unconditionally releases without limitation and agrees to hold harmless CCW Safe from any claim, controversy, or dispute arising out of any legal services or other service rendered by a network law firm, its attorneys and other personnel, a professional firm or business affiliated with or retained by a network law firm, and its employees, contractors, or personnel.

    CCW Safe provides services when a Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incident occurs in a location you are allowed to be present and allowed to possess a firearm which you are legally entitled to possess, and are acting in self-defense. A Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incident is an incident where force is used pursuant to a reasonable belief that use of deadly force is necessary to protect from imminent danger of death or great bodily harm. CCW Safe will provide services in connection with civil, criminal and administrative actions taken by a state, local, or federal government or regulatory agency which administers a state’s concealed carry permit system, related to Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incidents, which include proceedings related to:
                           a.  Any self-defense shooting occurring in any location that honors your concealed carry permit, with legally licensed firearms according to the terms of your concealed carry permit.
                           b. Any self-defense shooting occurring in any location that honors your permit(s) or license(s).
                           c. Any self-defense shooting or use of force with any weapon or object or any legal firearm, even those outside of your concealed carry permit, occurring in your residence during the commission of a crime against you, your family, or occupants of any place where you can legally possess a legal firearm. A legal firearm includes any firearm that meets the applicable definition of “firearm” under state and federal laws.
                           d. Any administrative action stemming from a self-defense use of force incident taken against your concealed handgun license in the state which issued your license.

                       e. Criminal, administrative or civil actions brought against the Member stemming from one of the above described situations.

  1. CCW Safe reserves the right to increase membership rates for recurring memberships, however, you are guaranteed that your rate will not increase during the year of that membership. Upon written notice by Member to CCW Safe, CCW Safe can refund the membership in full in the first 30-days. After 30-days, and upon written notice by Member to CCW Safe, the membership will be refunded at a prorated rate of the unused portion of the membership.

    CCW Safe provides its members access to a 24-hour hotline number. CCW Safe will charge $75 for false reports, “test” calls, and other abuses of the 24-hour hotline number. The 24-hour member hotline number is forwarded to multiple people, including multiple attorneys, investigators and administrative personnel. Abuses to the 24-hour member hotline can result in suspension of service.

  2. 3. Restrictions, Limitations, and Exclusions: CCW Safe will not provide the above services if the use of force incident is an intentional criminal act or where there is no admissible evidence of self-defense. CCW Safe will not provide the above services if, at the time of a use of force incident, you are impaired by the use of alcohol, or controlled substances, or prescribed medication that alters judgment, or are in violation of state law or regulation concerning alcohol and drug use while in the possession of a firearm.

  3. CCW Safe will not provide the above services for any domestic violence incident, criminal investigation, or prosecution arising from a use of force incident involving you and a current or former member of the household, including, but not limited to, a spouse, former spouse, adult or minor child, or involving those in a current or former dating relationship as defined in applicable state law.

  4. CCW Safe will not provide the above services if you no longer hold a valid concealed weapons permit, fail to provide and maintain accurate and truthful information on any CCW Safe application, become subject to a condition which would preclude or disqualify you from holding a valid concealed weapons permit, or are otherwise no longer in good standing with CCW Safe.

  5. CCW Safe will not provide the above services for any on duty incidents to include, but not limited, to police officers, private investigators, correction officers, security guards or security teams, bond agents or military, whether paid or volunteer. On duty coverage shall be covered by the employing agency or the organization for whom the individual is working or volunteering. CCW Safe does not take the place of the employer or organization, who has a duty to defend the actions of it’s employee/agent officer. If a use of force incident is found to be outside the course and scope of employment, then CCW Safe would perform a coverage analysis to determine what coverage, if any, applies. 

4. Provisional Membership Terms: The Single Membership, Dual Membership, and Dual Family Membership have a provisional term. The provisional term allows a member to receive services upon completion of a concealed carry course, with services continuing for up to 4-months to allow member to physically obtain a permit. The provisional term enables a member to receive services anywhere it is legal for member to possess a firearm. Under the Dual Membership and Dual Family Membership, the provisional term will cover a member’s spousal and familial designees in the same places, even if the designees do not have a concealed carry permit or license. 

5. Insurance Products and/or Other Legal Service Memberships: If a member has an insurance product, or legal services membership plan, CCW Safe, upon notification by the member, will respond and begin services. If the member has any plans, policies, or memberships that offer any financial assistance toward their defense, CCW Safe will work with the member to obtain any applicable financial assistance in connection with their defense. If there are conflicting terms between these terms of service and other policies or other membership plans, CCW Safe will attempt to negotiate resolution of such conflict in the best interest of the member. In the event of a Recognized Self-Defense Use of Force Incident, CCW Safe will work with the member to determine any and all polices of coverage or membership plans that may be utilized for the member’s benefit. Member agrees to transfer any subrogation rights or interests from any employer, agent, agency, or policy to CCW Safe.

6. Dispute Resolution: Upon any dispute, claim, or controversy, of any kind, arising out of these terms of service, Member acknowledges and agrees that any such dispute will first be submitted for resolution through mediation. If mediation is unsuccessful, however, the dispute, claim, or controversy shall be resolved through binding arbitration to occur in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and administered according to the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association and applying the laws of the State of Oklahoma.   

7. Notice: Member agrees to receive any notice related to these terms of service by electronic mail. Member agrees that any notice related to these terms of service shall be valid upon transmission of the notice by CCW Safe to Member by electronic mail. Member agrees to maintain a current email address with CCW Safe for purposes of receiving notifications.

8. Entire Agreement, Non-Assignment, and Severability: These terms of service are the final expression of the entire agreement between CCW Safe and Member, and supersede any and all prior agreements and understandings. These terms of service are divisible and separable. If any of the terms of service are found to be or becomes invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, such term or terms shall be reformed to approximate as nearly possible the intent of the CCW Safe and Member, and the remainder of the terms shall not be affected thereby and shall remain valid and enforceable to the greatest extent permitted by law. Member shall not assign or delegate any or all of its rights or obligations arising from these terms of service without written consent from CCW Safe and any such attempt of assignment or delegation shall be null and void.

9. Counsel: Member acknowledges that this Agreement creates certain legal rights and obligations between the CCW Safe and Member, and acknowledges that Member has had the opportunity to consult with legal counsel as Member deems appropriate, and that Member understands the terms of this agreement.

10. Purchase and Assent to Terms of Service: By clicking below, Member acknowledges that they have read, analyzed, understand, and agree to be bound by each and every term of these terms of service. By clicking below, Member further acknowledges that they are unaware of any grounds or circumstances which would preclude their eligibility for CCW Safe membership. To start the membership process and express your acceptance to these terms of service, please click the button below. This membership is annual, and in effect for one year from the date your application is approved by CCW Safe. At the end of the year, your membership will automatically renew for continued service. Please include your state of residence and your concealed carry license number in the order notes at checkout. 

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