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2A Insurance

2A Insurance


2A Insurance is committed to providing the funding and insurance-based financial management infrastructure to make CCW Safe the industry leader in legal services membership plans for the concealed carry community.

CCW Safe is the company with the greatest financial security to finance claims and meet the needs of members. Creating 2A Insurance solidifies CCW Safe as the clear choice for anyone seeking self-defense legal services coverage.


2A Insurance Is A Segregated Account Of Madison First Property And Casualty, Ltd. SAC, A Segregated Accounts Company Registered Under The Segregated Accounts Companies Act, 2004. 2A Insurance Is Managed By Hamilton Captive Management, A Licensed Insurance Manager.

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Hamilton Captive Management


CCW Safe has created 2A Insurance, a captive insurance company designed to provide CCW Safe with an insurance-backed funding mechanism.

Simply put, 2A Insurance provides our members with the comfort of knowing that CCW Safe insures its ability to fund the cost of legal services for its members as claims arise. Further, 2A Insurance is protected by reinsurance via an agreement with Port Royal Insurance Company, Ltd. SAC. This additional layer of protection provides the resources of a third party insurance company to draw upon for those claims that have the potential for heavy cost outlays.