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Tyler on Training: Medical Training

Posted By: Mike Darter

This week, Tyler talks about emergency medical training.  Tyler loves to talk about tactical training, shooting and gear in context to concealed carry.  But in reality, the liklihood of you ever having to draw your firearm in a self defense scenario during your lifetime is probably much smaller than you having the opportunity to render emergency medical aid to somone.   I love his following statement:

"we don't train with our firearms to take a life, we train as concealed carriers to save them.  That benig said, your firearm shouldn't be your only tool to save lives."

Tyler recommends at the very least, getting certified in a basic CPR course.  You can take classes online using this link, or you can find advanced classes offered in your area.   Stay tuned for more of Tyler on Training, and subscribe to us on YouTube for more videos.  

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