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Tyler on Training: Training and Distance

Posted By: Mike Darter

Today, Tyler talks about training and distance.  In a civilian carry capacity, the one thing we have to recognize is the differernce between military, law enforcement and concealed carry.  These all have completely different applications.  

Let's start with shooting at 25 yards.  How good are you at 25 yards?  Now add in the stress factor and movement.  What about the treat level at 25 yards?  At that distance, unless it is a grave threat to you and those around you, there is a good chance, that legally, it may be hard to explain and articulate that you were forced to use deadly force.  If it is a grave threat to you, then the best action would be to close distance on the threat for better accuracy and ultimately a better probability of stopping the threat.  

So, ultimately, the best option is to get away from the threat and help others to avoid the threat if at all possible.   If you forced to act, then you will have greater success at a closer distance.  

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