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Transporting firearms on flights

You can transport unloaded firearms in a locked or hard sided container as checked baggage only. You must completely...


Backup Guns: “As a concealed carrier, should I carry a backup gun?”

I personally don’t think concealed carriers need to carry a back up gun for self protection. How often do you...


Aftermath of a Shooting- Part 6: Bail Bonds, Civil Actions and Long Term Effects

In this last video in the series of the Aftermath of a Shooting, Mike Darter talks about bail bonds if you are...


Aftermath of a Shooting- Part 5: The Investigative Process

Kyle Eastridge, owner of Eastridge PI and former homicide detective, talks about the Investigative process of a...


Aftermath of a Shooting-Part 4: Role of the Victim

Mike Darter and John Risenhoover talk about the role of the victim in a self defense shooting case, and the importance...