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Inside CCW Safe Podcast- Episode 5: Personal Safety Tips with George Holt

In this episode of "Inside CCW Safe" Mike and Stan talk with Gary Eastridge, Critical Response Coordinator for CCW...

In Self Defense

“IN SELF DEFENSE” The Stephen Maddox Case: The Difference Between a Self-Defense Shooting and Intentional Homicide – Reasonable Fear

Examining how the concept of reasonable fear and the self-defense actions (involving a firearm) Stephen Maddox took to...


The Stephen Maddox Story- Leadership

One of the things that was immediately apparent about CCW Safe to Stephen Maddox, was the leadership that was displayed...


Inside CCW Safe Podcast- Core Values Part I

In this episode, Stan and Mike talk about the core values of CCW Safe.  They talk about how CCW Safe developed the...

In Self Defense

The Stephen Maddox Case: Escalation

A look at the Stephen Maddox case, and how escalation transformed a dangerous physical altercation into a self-defense...


The Stephen Maddox Story- Dedication

Just over a year ago, CCW Safe provided the defense of member Stephen Maddox in the industry first, full trial of a...