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Category: Case Analysis

Case Analysis

VIDEO – Mike Darter and Stephen Maddox: The Aftermath

CCW Safe CEO and Co-Founder Mike Darter sits down for a talk with CCW Safe Member Stephen Maddox. In 2015 Stephen was...

Case Analysis

VIDEO – Langdon Tactical: Traveling With Firearms

Ernest Langdon of Langdon Tactical goes over how to properly pack your firearms in a checked bag for airline...

Case Analysis

CCW Safe To Host Force Science Institute Train The Trainer Class For Local Law Enforcement Agencies

CCW Safe is proud to host the prestigious Force Science Institute in Oklahoma City for their Realistic De-Escalation...

Case Analysis

VIDEO – The Stephen Maddox Case: How it Happened In His Own Words

Stephen Maddox is a CCW Safe Member that was assaulted multiple times by an attacker and was forced to defend himself....

Case Analysis

Legal Case Analysis: The Zimmerman Case- Media Coverage and Political Pressure

At its heart, the Zimmerman case was not a complicated legal matter. Given the circumstances, and considering...

Case Analysis

Legal Case Analysis: The Zimmerman Case- Post Incident Actions

Police arrived moments after George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman immediately surrendered his weapon,...