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Category: Shawn Vincent

Shawn Vincent

Managing Information About Your Self-Defense Mindset

In the aftermath of a self-defense shooting, “if the forensic evidence is clear, the only thing that matters is what...

Shawn Vincent

What (Not) to Say After a Self-Defense Shooting

Thanks to cop shows on television, we all know that “you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and...

Shawn Vincent

Preparing for First Responders After a Self-Defense Shooting

When police respond to a self-defense shooting, their initial emphasis is on the “shooting” and not necessarily...

Shawn Vincent

Calling 911 After a Self-Defense Shooting

After a violent confrontation, the first party to call 9-1-1 is often, at least at the very outset, presumed to be the...

Shawn Vincent

Getting to Safety After a Self-Defense Shooting

Most concealed carriers and armed defenders have imagined the types of circumstances where they might be forced to use...

Shawn Vincent

Craig Douglas On Defensive Display

“I have no idea how many people I’ve pointed guns at in my law enforcement career that I didn’t fire on,” Craig...