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In Self-Defense Podcast 109: What Does “Reasonable Belief” Mean, Anyway?

Don West, Steve Moses, and Shawn Vincent wade into some of the legal and tactical ambiguities of dealing with a...

Podcast, Training

CCW Safe Podcast – Episode 109: Mike Ochsner

Hosts Rob High and Phillip Naman are joined by author and firearms trainer Mike Ochsner to discuss the mental side of...


Twelve Reasons for Negligent Discharges

CCW Safe National Trial Counsel Don West suggested to me that I write on article on the reasons that Negligent...



I recently saw a post on Facebook where several firearm instructors debated the value of very fast splits (the time...


When Less is More Part 2

This is part two of a two part series. To read the first part please click here. One of the reasons that I purchased a...


When Less is More Part 1

“Carrying normal earth people simple gear is nice when I am not in work mode or urban crime mode. I saw a trend with...