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Category: Training


Larry Vickers- The Dime Drill

Larry Vickers, training and military community advisor for CCW Safe, talks about a classic drill for trigger control,...


Interacting with Law Enforcement for Gun Owners

A frank discussion about how gun owners can safely interact with law enforcement, and how people with concealed carry...


Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

Have you heard there is new federal legislation that will allow someone with a concealed carry permit from one state...


Crime And Place

Crime and Place is a great new app thar ia included with our Ultimate Plan. It is a useful tool for those who carry,...


New Course “The Real Cost of a Lethal Self Defense Case” Now Available

The Real Cost of a Lethal Self Defense Case" is now a course online at the CCW Safe Academy. The course is free for...


Lessons Learned: The Case Analysis of The Zimmerman Case.

We just finished the first case study of the Zimmerman criminal trial, and will be looking at these self defense case...