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Posted on July 10, 2018 by in Training

Another Common Mistake That Gets Concealed Carriers In Trouble

In the recent “The Art of De-Escalation” course that was added at the CCW Safe Academy, Co-Founder and CEO Mike Darter talks about a couple things that can get concealed carriers in trouble, even if a legitimate threat exists.

The first thing he talks about, which we posted last week, is giving up your environmental control during a scenario that could be a potential threat.  The second thing is the failure to notify the police once you have done so, and draw your weapon on someone.

If you do have to draw your weapon, whether you decided to give up the control of your environment or not, be sure to call the police.  If you don’t, and the other person does call the police, then you are going to have a hard time explaining that while you felt that your life was in danger enough to draw your weapon, yet you didn’t think it was severe enough to call the police.

If the other person leaves the scene, you can always call 911 and let them know that you are ok, and dont necessarily need a report made, but you do feel that they need to be aware of the other persons description and behavior in case this other person tries to attack someone else.  They may still require you to stay at the scene to make contact, and they may make a report whether you want to or not, but that is a much better place to be in s the victim, than not calling and being listed in the report as a suspect.

Again, if a situation is severe enough that warrants you to draw your weapon for your protection, it should be severe enough to at least notify the police.

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