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Posted on November 9, 2020 by in High-Level Trainers



Jamey Caldwell spent more than 21 years in the United States Army, serving his entire career in Special Operations. He served 7 years with the 75th Ranger Regiment then spent the following 14 years in a Special Missions Unit that maintained a high operational tempo in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other countries in the world. He has deployed to combat 14 times and has conducted well over 500 missions. Jamey has been awarded three medals for valorous actions in combat while under direct fire from the enemy.


Jamey is an active firearms trainer teaching courses all over the United States to military, law enforcement and civilians. His training company is 1 Minute Out. Jamey is a subject matter expert in the use of Night Vision equipment and is known for his classes on this subject as well as traditional pistol and carbine classes. Fr more info on 1 Minute Out and the training they offer visit their site HERE.