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Posted on March 20, 2017 by in Uncategorized

CCW Safe’s Police Union Model: Part 4- Investigators

So far, in looking at real world comparisons of CCW Safe and other plans, we have talked about the Critical Response Team, attorneys fees and bail. To this point, based on hiring an attorney for $100k and bonding out on a $500k bond, with any of the other insurances or services listed, you are sitting at an out of pocket expense of anywhere from $15k to $139k. Today we are going to talk about investigators, then will move on to experts next week.

The most logical financial expense that will follow hiring an attorney, and bonding out of jail, will be hiring an investigator for your case. Investigators can be crucial to a self defense case, and can provide the defense attorney with more information about the incident. They will conduct interviews of witnesses, investigate the social media of all parties involved, and follow any leads that may support your case. In a current case that CCW Safe is working, we have spent $40k so far on an investigator, and expect to spend more as we move into a trial phase. Let’s take just half of that cost we have incurred and add it to the bill. $20k added to the already $15k to $139k out of pocket expenses on other plans, you are now sitting at $35k minimum out of pocket expenses with any other plan out there. On the high end, you would be $159k out of pocket. 

You can start to see now how important it is to have a solid financial plan if you find yourself on the defense end of a self defense case.  If you have to hire an attorney for $100k and your lucky enough to have the highest insurance coverage of $125k,  what good will it do you if you can’t afford the remainder of the bail bond to get out of jail?  And if bail happens to comes first, then how will you afford a good attorney if you now only have $75k to hire a $100k attorney?  Again, even the attorney for a competitor stated that he wouldn’t take a murder case for less than $100k.  This is precisely why CCW Safe’s coverage is unlimited.  By being able to control a good deal of the costs associated with a self defense trial based on the experience of CCW Safe’s founders and employees, we are able to offer unlimited coverage.

Are these necessary costs? If you are facing a trial on a murder charge, absolutely!  You are not only looking at a financial loss, but with a murder charge you will also be facing a loss of your freedom. In some states, there will be a mandatory sentence if a firearm is used, such as Florida, where a murder where a firearm is used is a minimum of 25 years in prison. You can be assured that the prosecution will have a list of investigators on their side, and this is one area of self protection you will not want to short.

For making the point of savings, we don’t even really need to continue on in this breakdown of benefits, but next week we continue talking about experts.  Thank you for your time, and stay safe!


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Mike Darter


Mike was a police officer in Oklahoma City from 1991-2001, and a federal contractor for the DOJ from 2001-2011. During his carrer, Mike investigated and testified in hundreds of violent crimes, including shootings, homicides, and other violent felony crimes. Mike was involved in a shooting as a police officer and went through a lawsuit from that shooting. The lawsuit was later dismissed, but his experience is what led to the creation of CCW Safe.