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Posted on November 4, 2020 by in Training

First Aid & EDC with Brownells and Jeff Gonzales

First Aid & EDC with Brownells and Jeff Gonzales

Today we are sharing an episode of the excellent Daily Defense video series from our friends at Brownells and Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts. The Daily Defense series is a fantastic resource for concealed carriers. It features expert trainer Jeff Gonzales who is a former Navy SEAL and an experienced trainer. The series is produced by Brownells, the leading firearms retailer in the industry. CCW Safe is a proud sponsor of this series.

The episode we are sharing today is: Daily Defense #24: First Aid & EDC


“Daily Defense” involves much more than just daily carry of a firearm. It includes being prepared to provide first aid in the event of an injury, up to and including a gunshot wound. You may have to administer self-aid, or the situation may require you to render aid to somebody else.

Provide first aid only to the level of skill you have. An incorrect treatment can be worse than providing less but appropriate treatment. If you can’t carry a gun, at least you can carry a first aid kit. The next best thing is have a first aid kit nearby in your home or vehicle. Giving aid quickly can be critical to a person surviving a gunshot wound.

A gunshot wound to the torso requires a battle dressing to place pressure on the wound to help stop the bleeding. A wound to an extremity (arm or leg) requires a tourniquet, but you have to know how to apply it correctly! In a shooting situation, you should provide aid only when it’s safe for you to do so. You may have to wait until chaos subsides. Whenever a firearm is involved, make sure it is secured before you attempt to provide first aid. Plan for a best-case scenario but be prepared for the worst case. And make sure you understand how to use first aid equipment in a real-world setting.

To learn about Jeff Gonzales visit:

To watch all of the Brownells Daily Defense series for free visit this playlist on Youtube.