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Inside CCW Safe Podcast-Episode 34: Women and Firearms feat. CCW Maggie

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Episode 34: Women And Firearms feat. CCW Maggie

In this podcast, Stan and Mike talk with longtime friend, Maggie Mordaunt, otherwise known as CCW Maggie.  Maggie is a firearms instructor in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the three talk about women in firearms, and talk about some topics surrounding that.  Women make up a large part of the firearms industry from new permit applications, to gun purchases, to instructors and corporate leaders in the firearms industry. 

Maggie is the Founder/Owner and Lead Instructor for Homeland Personal Protection Firearms Training. Her training is geared towards defensive shooting to defend against a potential lethal threat here in our Homeland, USA. As a female firearms instructor teaching the Certification Course for Multi-State Conceal Carry Weapon Permits, Maggie is known in the industry as CCW Maggie. Maggie is a Wife to a very supportive husband of (10) years, a Mom of (2) beautiful children and is a Woman who understands the importance of self-defense as a fundamental right.

In 2009 Maggie began her career by obtaining all the requirements necessary to become a CCW/CFP instructor which were the NRA Instructor ratings. For the initial two years, she offered the CCW/CFP courses with a few fundamental firearms training classes. With a great response from the community and student base following, Maggie taught and invested far more than the requirements necessary to become a NRA Training Counselor. In 2014 Maggie obtained her TC rating and has been teaching the NRA curriculums for students and instructor candidates to become certified.

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Stan Campbell, Co-Founder/COO

Stan Campbell has over 20 years of experience as a police officer in Oklahoma City. He retired as a Lieutenant over a street crime team, and spent over 10 years on the Tactical Unit (SWAT) and has spent 15 years developing and teaching self-defense curriculum. Stan is a certified National self-defense Instructor and has also instructed officers in British Territories. Stan has extensive experience and knowledge in the critical incident command system, officer involved shootings and use of force incidents. 

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Mike Darter, Co-Founder/CEO

Mike was a police officer in Oklahoma City from 1991-2001, and a federal contractor for the DOJ from 2001-2011.  During his career, Mike investigated and testified in hundreds of violent crimes, including shootings, homicides, and other violent felony crimes.  Mike was involved in a shooting as a police officer and went through a lawsuit from that shooting.  The lawsuit was later dismissed, but his experience is what led to the creation of CCW Safe.  

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Full transcription available soon!