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Posted on December 31, 2018 by in Uncategorized

New Year’s Resolution For The Concealed Carrier: Part II


While I have an opinion of what constitutes some good New Year Resolutions for concealed carriers, I realize that circumstances are such that many well-intentioned are simply not able to adopt all or some of them.  That is perfectly understandable. We always encourage people to do all they can with what they have to work with at the time, and understand that as people age, move, or deal with the inevitable trials of life their opportunities and abilities will diminish.  Until then, only inertia stands in our way. I once heard some wise instructor answer “it is the white belt” when asked, “ What is the most difficult belt to obtain in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?”

Resolutions that I think are important for concealed carriers are as follows:

  1. Improve physical conditioning 
  2. Acquire a suitable handgun and important support gear and stick with it
  3. Practice relevant defensive shooting skills twice a month
  4. Take a self-protection class, clinic, or seminar twice a year

Physical Conditioning:  We are more likely to succumb to a heart attack, stroke, or other health issues related to being overweight than being violently attacked. The more physically fit we are, the better the chances are that we won’t be selected and targeted by a strong-arm robber.  The importance of consistent weight-training can’t be over-stressed. For those of us who are older or dealing with injuries and other similar issues, the objective is probably going to be to add muscle by performing multiple sets comprised of high repetitions and lower weight.  Doing so is much easier on the joints than low repetitions with heavier weights.  It is especially important for men to check the ego and do what is good for their body, and not make a pathetic attempt to impress others. My goals are developing functional strength, maintaining good bone density, and achieving good joint mobility.  I typically spend only 30-45 minutes in the gym but work out like I am a man on a mission.  This is a great time to bring an IPhone and listen to podcasts by CCW Safe. The information contained within these podcasts affords the concealed carrier an opportunity to gain important knowledge without having to experience all that others had to learn first-hand, often at a great cost.

Get your Gear Sorted Out:  To me, handguns, ammo, belts, holsters, and mag pouches are extremely important up to the time that I acquire quality equipment with a good reputation and proven history plus confirmed that indeed it works as advertised, and then I move on to other topics. I like handguns, but much to my dismay over time I have found that the equipment that I already owned almost always worked just as well as the latest, greatest handgun when it comes to close-range defensive shooting. I will sometimes make minor upgrades like more visible sights if there is a hardware answer that can make a real difference in my performance, such as more visible sights as my eyes age (multiple eye issues have caused me to go to the Ameriglo CAP sights).  My recommendation is to find the handgun and support equipment that works for you as soon as possible, and once confirmed stick with it and learn to run it as well as you can. My choice is the Glock 19 and 43, and I am sure that both can perform better than I can shoot them. That would mean that the rest is up to me.