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Posted on July 29, 2017 by in Uncategorized

Real Experience, Real World

CCW safe is proud to announce that after a two week Murder trial a CCW Safe member was found Not Guilty in the first full self defense murder trial in the industry.  For the last two years the company has funded the defense of a member involved in a self defense shooting.  He was attacked twice at an event and retreated to his vehicle to retrieve his firearm when he was confronted again by his attacker. He gave warning and then shot and killed the attacker as he was attacked a third time.  He was charged with Murder.  Within 24 hours, CCW Safe had boots on the ground. The member was bonded out of jail, highly reputable and experienced criminal defense lawyers entered appearances for his defense, expert witnesses were later hired who are leaders in their field, as well as the in-house consultation resources of CCW Safe’s experienced advisory board and trial consultants.

CCW Safe has spent over $300,000 in attorneys fees and costs in the defense of this member. Yet, our member has never received a bill or an invoice from any of the people or companies who have spent the last two years working hard to make sure he remains free. If this case involved a member of another company, he would have had to spend a tremendous amount of money out of pocket with only a hope of being reimbursed. For instance, under the NRA Carry Guard model, he would be responsible for 80% of the expenses until he was acquitted. Only then would he receive a reimbursement for the remaining 80%. That would’ve resulted in our member declaring bankruptcy. Had he been convicted, none of our competitors would have paid. CCW Safe is the only company that not only defends and pays, we stand behind decision to use force.

CCW Safe’s Claims Committee is planning a video series that will feature National Trial Counsel, Don West, and the Defense team who tried the case. Throughout the two year fight the defense lawyers have said numerous times that they were blown away by the expertise and resources provided to them by CCW safe.  CCW Safe provided at no cost to our member, jury consultants, trial exhibit consultants, Don West as a trial strategy consultant along with retired homicide investigators providing case analysis and focus for the cross examination of the authorities who botched the investigation.  This case stands as a direct example of why CCW safe is the ONLY company who can honestly say, “CCW Safe. Backed by Experts. Backed by Insurance.”