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Posted on June 10, 2019 by in Training

SHOT SHOW 2019 Part 2

SHOT SHOW 2019 Part 2:

As mentioned in my article entitled 2019 SHOT SHOW REPORT (PART ONE), I focused primarily on guns, gear, and accessories that I thought would be of interest to concealed carriers whose primary interest was defense of self and family. Shooting and hunting are a major part of the American culture, and there is no shortage of available media extolling the virtues of the latest and greatest rifles, high-end custom pistols, etc., and I would encourage the reader to take advantage of those sources if interested.

Having said that, I looked for those items that I thought might be useful for pragmatic concealed carriers. I briefly touched on the new Glock 48 and Mossberg MC1sc 9mm pistols for that very reason in the above-mentioned article, and will address the Colt Night Cobra, Gerber Impromptu tactical pens, and Stack-On Handgun Drawer Safe in this article. Astute readers might notice that some of these items were introduced prior to 2019, but this was the first opportunity that I had to view them and then report.

Colt Night Cobra:

“Six for Sure” is a brief, pithy statement commonly uttered by revolver aficionados that expresses their confidence in the fact that a quality revolver is exceptionally reliable and not prone to malfunctions that might cause problems in a gunfight. There is much truth to this statement, as the revolver does not contain a recoil spring or magazine springs that can lose tension over time. At the same time, double-action revolvers can indeed malfunction if the ejector rod is bent or a spent cartridge case slips under the ejector star, and modern semi-automatic handguns have proven reliable if maintained and used with proper ammunition. 

The appeal of the Colt Night Cobra is that the manual of arms is significantly more simple than an autoloader, the lower capacity makes it a reasonable choice for persons traveling in states where magazine capacity is limited by law, and it has certain appeal as a second handgun stashed in an area of the house where it might be quickly accessed if circumstances dictate. Plus, it just looks cool, a feature which I am unable to discount.  The Night Cobra is chambered in .38 Special +P, has 6-rounds capacity, high-visibility tritium front sight, black DLC finish, and a 2-inch barrel.   

A feature I especially like is that the hammer has been bobbed, which almost eliminates the possibility it would snag on clothing while drawing the handgun from the holster.  The pistol is slightly larger than the Smith and Wesson J-frame series and possesses a very good trigger (estimated double-action pull is around 9 pounds).  MSRP is $899.00, but I have seen them advertised for $800.00 and less.  As I write this article, I may not need any more handguns, but I want one of these.

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen:

The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen has much to offer to concealed carriers who must spend time in non-permissive environments in which handguns and knives are prohibited. The Impromptu is a quality writing instrument featuring a Rite-in-the Rain cartridge and convenient push-button operating mechanism. The Impromptu also has a glass breaker insert near the tip that can break a tempered car window in case of an emergency. As an added plus, it is capable of being used as an effective self-defense tool in the event the concealed carrier is assaulted by a more capable and/or powerful attacker employing hands, feet, or perhaps even an edged weapon.

The body of the pen is stainless steel and therefore quite robust, and the tip can cause serious damage when driven at the face and throat.  As always, use in this manner is predicated upon the totality of the circumstances and should only be employed in situations where the attacker has the opportunity, ability, and intent to inflict serious bodily injury or kill, and no other reasonable options are available to his or her target. Just as providing a piano to an ordinary person does not automatically turn that person into a concert pianist, training in the proper use of this pen is necessary in order to better prepare the concealed carrier for such a situation.  I like pens of this nature and would recommend that persons concerned about their personal safety consider carrying this pen in their hand while traveling through transitional areas such as parking lots and parking garages, and while fueling their cars.  MSRP is around $70.

Stack-On PDS-1800 Handgun Drawer Safe:

Concealed carriers who have children in the house or other family members who should not have access to a handgun would do well to consider the acquisition of a Stack-On PDS-1800 Handgun Drawer Safe.  The PDS-1800 allows the user to securely stow up to 2 pistols in a solid steel child-proof safe that is pry-resistant and has predrilled holes that permit it to be mounted to a shelf or the floor.  Access to the safe is controlled by an electronic lock, and the safe comes with a backup key in case of battery failure. I used the electronic lock keypad on the floor model several times to open the safe without undue drama. The safe is 12 inches wide and 4.50 inches high.  I have seen prices on the Stack-On PDS-1800 Handgun Drawer Safe range from $50.00 to $60.00, which makes ownership affordable for almost everyone.  Readers who have children at home should take note and strongly consider the purchase of this safe or something similar.

In all fairness, the SHOT Show is a huge event, and the chances that I overlooked other guns, gears, and accessories that might pique the interest of concealed carriers is quite high. I will make every effort to update this list during 2019 if I discover one or more of those items.  As always, concealed carriers should remember that the most important defensive weapon in their possession is always going to be the grey matter between our ears.  Everything else is a tool, but I have never heard anyone survive a harrowing event say later that they wished that they hadn’t spent so much time and effort obtaining quality tools.

Steve Moses

Steve is a long-time defensive weapons instructor based out of Texas who has trained hundreds of men and women of all ages for more than two decades on how to better prepare to defend themselves and their loved ones. Steve has completed over 80 private-sector and law enforcement-only defensive weapons and tactics classes, and has trained civilian and law-enforcement officers in six states. Moses is a reserve deputy, former member of a multi-precinct Special Response Team, competitive shooter, and martial artist. Steve has written numerous articles for SWAT Magazine and other publications. Steve is a licensed Texas Level 4 Personal Security Officer and Instructor who was Shift Lead on a mega-church security detail for seven years, and has provided close protection for several former foreign Heads of State. He is currently an instructor at Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu/Krav Maga in Tyler, Texas and Director of Training for Palisade Training Group (