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Posted on March 16, 2020 by in In Self Defense

The “Corona Virus” and Concealed Carriers

The “Corona Virus” and  Concealed  Carriers 

Here at CCW Safe we always like to train our members to be their own risk managers.  We have in the past stated several times to be prepared but not paranoid.  We are facing an international pandemic that is forcing our government to make tough decisions to protect the masses.  This might include mandatory curfews, canceling large gatherings and possibly “lock in place” orders to control the spread of the virus. 

It is imperative to be vigilant and prepared for any scenario.  As concealed carriers you must think about protecting yourselves during you limited travel and protecting your families at home.  Although these mandates might not devastate your family it could cause panic and place others to act out in desperation or simply be opportunistic. For that reason we wanted to share some tips. 

1. Make sure you have food, water and supplies for 20 days (anticipating a 14-day quarantine)

2. Make sure all weapons you carry or store at home are operable, cleaned and extra rounds located nearby (keep them safe).

3. Go over and practice with your family a “Home Invasion” plan so that everyone knows where to rally and each understands their responsibility during this type  of emergency.

4. Create a medical bag to be stored at your rally point in the home to include items that can stop bleeding (enough for entire family).

5. Make sure there are flashlights and candles set in two parts of the house and everyone know where they are. 

6. Create door stops for the bottom of your doors or add extra locks.

7. Keep cell phones charged when not using them. 

8. Have secondary exit plan (window, etc.) if you need to have your family abandon the home quickly. 

9. Fill your gas tanks in all cars.

10. And finally while out shopping think situational awareness and do not overload yourself with packages so that your primary gun side hand is free to access your weapon. 

Stay calm, stay vigilant and stay safe.