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Posted on August 21, 2017 by in Testimonials

The Exception, Not The Rule

The Attorneys in the Maddox case, Tartt Thomas and Kurt Schmidt, talk about defending Stephen and the vital resources that were provided by CCW Safe to effectively defend this legitimate self defense case.  

“There’s not a whole lot of people who are able to afford the type of legal defense work that is needed in a case like this” Tartt Thomas said.  There will be investigators, experts, depositions, trial exhibits, and more that will eventually go into the defense work in a a self defense trial.  

Investigators are needed right off, as soon as possible.  Investigators are instrumental in tracking down witnesses, developing new leads, looking at the evidence, and looking at the possibility of missed evidence.   “You cannot leave something like that for the police to do” said Thomas.  

In this case, the investigator was instrumental in finding evidence that disputed a claim related to the video of the incident.  Without a good investigator, the attorneys won’t have accurate information and leads, therefore, it will be hard for them to do their job effectively. 

Expert witnesses are vital in disputing the evidence in the case, especially where you have lab reports that are wrong and need to be modified.  Again, this case is a prime example of that, as the Medical Examiner’s report was modified after it was disputed. 

Trial exhibits were another big cost in this trial, but well worth it.  To be able to have exhibits to show the jury, and to immediately have them when you need them, rather than having to search for them, is huge.  

“The truth of the matter is, it gave us every tool needed to defend him.  In doing this for 26 years, this is the exception, not the rule” Kurt Schmidt explained.  “So this company, and what they did for their client, Stephen Maddox, was remarkable.”