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Posted on August 27, 2018 by in Uncategorized

The Stephen Maddox Story- One Year Later

Just over a year ago, CCW Safe provided the defense of member Stephen Maddox in the industry first, full trial of a self defense Murder I case.  Stephen was found not guilty, and was able to walk out of the front doors of that courthouse.  It is rare for someone charged with first degree murder to be aquitted and not be found guilty of lesser offenses. 

CCW Safe paid over $350,000 in his defense, and now, a year later, we were able to sit down with Stephen and talk about his case.   

Stephen wanted to share his experience from his perspective, and talk about the service that CCW Safe provided for him through our core values. commitment, dedication, experience, leadership, and caring.  

In this first video, Stephen talks about his case, and gives a little background for those who might not know the details.  Stephen was attacked three times, which he retreated twice, in a stand your ground state, and was charged with Murder I.  For nearly two years he had to wear an ankle bracelet and could only go to work and back home. Two weeks before trial, the investigators and prosecutor finally started interviewing some of the witnesses, including the one eyewitness, who corroborated Stephen’s story.  Even then, the prosecution team doubled down and continued ahead based on their personal opinions and limited experience.  After a two week trial, he was found not guilty during an hour and a half deliberation.  It was clear to the jury, as it was to us, that Stephen acted in self defense. 

Next week, Stephen will start the discussion on the core values, starting with comittment.