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Posted on March 30, 2017 by in Tyler Grey

Tyler on Training: Printing

This week, Tyler talks abour “printing”.  Printing is when the outline of your gun is obvious and therefore it is obvious to others that you are carrying a firearm, even though it is covered by clothing.  Some of the things that can cause printing may be body type, type of clothing worn, and choice of firearm or holster.   However, the thing that you need to remember is that printing refers to something that obvious.  It doesn’t refer to a small bulge from athe tip of your magazine, or from the top of the frame, when no other outlines are visible.  Tyler demonstrates this as he is wearing jeans and a t shirt whilc carrying a glock 43 and 2 magazines. 

The main thing that you need to be aware of is, if you are carrying in a way that you are not obviously printing, and you feel that someone is concentrated on your firearm, or the wrinkle or small bulge in the area that you are carrying, then there may be something else that is drawing that much attention toward you.  Your demeaner, your actons, etc.   Be confident in carrying and relax.  Being overly concerned about the fact that you are carrying and that others may know may bring more attention to you.  Nobody is going to study every inch of your waistband and every outline of your body at the gas station.  When you first start carrying concealed, one of the most common things that people do that would bring more attention to them is constantly adjusting or moving the firearm.  Find a holster and firearm combination that you can wear comfortably, and get used to it in various positions.