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Posted on June 17, 2020 by in Uncategorized

Speaking with the Police After a Self-Defense Incident

Should You Speak with Police After a Self-Defense Incident?

This post is the second installment of our video series for conceal carries that examines the pros and cons of talking with the police after a self-defense shooting incident.

In this video, CCW Safe National Trial Counsel Don West and defense attorney Andrew Branca discuss specific items of information that might be reasonable to share with a police officer, especially if relying on a self-dense justification (contrasted with an alibi defense) for your use of force.

The key is to say nothing that will incriminate you or harm your defense later on (i.e. during a trial). You should mention “self-defense” on the scene, but don’t elaborate on any unnecessary details.

This discussion, filmed at SHOT Show 2020, in Las Vegas, dives into different types of defense arguments and justifications (accidents are not the same as self-defense), plus other related subjects of interest to our members and readers of this blog.

For more information from Andrew Branca, please visit The Law of Self Defense.