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Posted on December 20, 2022 by in Steve Moses


Kyle Sweet is a former Police Officer with experience conducting long-term narcotics investigations and is the Co-Founder of and General Counsel for both CCW Safe and the Firearms Trainers Association. He also defends police officers in Use of Force cases, in-custody deaths, and allegations of police brutality. Kyle is part of the CCW Safe Critical Response System to law enforcement agencies in officer-involved shootings throughout the region. Kyle has extensive experience representing health care providers in courts throughout the United States and frequently travels to other states and foreign countries to speak on such subjects as Catastrophic Medical Malpractice Defense, Perinatal Safety, Medical Staff Services, Overcoming Surgical Complications, Negligent Credentialing, Defensive Medical Charting, and Dealing with Disruptive Physicians.

Everything that Kyle does he does well and with much forethought. Consequently, it comes as no surprise to me that this includes his selection of what is commonly referred in the concealed carry community as “Everyday Day Carry (“EDC”) gear. His responses to the following three questions are set out below.

  1. What is the defensive handgun that you carry the most, and why did you choose it?
  2. What holsters, magazine pouches, and belt do you use?
  3. Do you carry anything else on a regular basis such as pepper spray, knives, and flashlights?

“Wilson EDC X9 3.25 9mm pistol with Holosun 509 red dot sight carried in a SOB Condom holster on an EDC Belt Company belt. Extra magazine with a Neomag magnetic clip holder. Hornady Critical Defense ammunition.  Or, a Smith and Wesson J-frame 2-inch 38 Special  (either a 642 or 442 model) loaded with wadcutter defense rounds along with a five-shot speed strip. The revolver is either pocket-carried in a cape buffalo holster or in a Belly Band.  I always bring along my CCW Safe-engraved Benchmade spring-assist side folding knife. I am fundamentally opposed to the carry of any knife other than a folding knife for purposes of opening a box. I think it’s a disaster waiting to happen for any concealed carrier. So, my knives are always simple Benchmades. 

I sometimes carry an Agency Arms Glock 48 with a red dot sight and Hornady Critical Defense ammunition. Holster for that is a Glock Condom holster by SOB tactical. I love the leather and it’s a phenomenally comfortable holster to carry. I use a Neomag for the extra magazine. I prefer the Wilson X9 to the Agency Arms Glock 48 as it is more comfortable to shoot. Although it is heavier to carry, it absorbs recoil significantly better and I shoot it very accurately. I enjoy the peace of mind of the manual thumb safety on the Wilson because I appendix carry. I occasionally carry a Surefire Stiletto flashlight, and occasionally other inexpensive ones from  Streamlight because I lose them frequently. Being self-critical, not carrying a light all the time is the poorest carry decision I make. I always have several in my car, but I am trying to be more self- disciplined with carrying a light.  I also have a first aid kit in my vehicles that has tourniquet as well as other ways to stop bleeding.”

This is just one of a series of articles in which other CCW Safe team members answer the same three questions posted above. Under no circumstances are we making recommendations or giving advice. Having said that, it is probably a good idea for each of us to ask ourselves from time-to-time if our own EDC equipment is sufficient to deal with a variety of threats knowing that in some instances the best response is application of good social skills, and others in which a deadly force response  is the only possible answer.